International Accounting Programme

In the International Accounting Program (IAP), we promote international educational standards to every student. We strive to achieve a better academic  environment in all our academic activities for those who wish to benefit from higher education. Change is a must, and improvements are in place. Our desire to become a vibrant higher education institution has led to the establishment of an international program.

Founded in 2005, the program was formerly named “Pre‐International Class” (PIC). It was then in 2011, the program has been “International Accounting Program” (IAP). It is an international undergraduate program under the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh. The program is fully organized with English as its instructional language. International curriculum has been integrated into a formal teaching‐learning process. In 2009 we have an agreement with the University of Kentucky, USA. A dual degree program has been agreed to be implemented in the coming years. More cooperation with abroad universities is to be achieved.

IAP is now a leading program in the Syiah Kuala University, the lovely heart of the Acehnese, which attracts not only local and national intakes but also international students. A number of students from Turkey and Uzbekistan are pursuing their bachelor degree in this International Accounting Program (IAP).
Core Values In the international Accounting program we have a number of core values and are committed to:
  • Treating individuals fairly, with dignity and respect.
  • Celebrating the achievement of our students and staff.
  • Appreciating spiritual values as the ethical foundation of our activities.
  • Enhancing students’ leadership skills by involving them in academic and extracurriculars.
We are heading to the future accomplishment that our graduates are:
  • Competence in accounting skills.
  • Relevant for current and future job market.
  • Able to compete globally.
  • Having entrepreneurial orientation.

There are several ways to apply to the International Accounting Program (IAP):
  1. LOCAL OR NATIONAL APPLICANTS applying to IAP should have already been accepted in the Undergraduate Accounting Program, Faculty of Economics, Syiah Kuala University (through various national and local examinations: UMB, SMPTN, SBMPTN or Jalur Mandiri (JMU)).
  2. INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS applying to IAP should have already hold a senior high school degree.
Additional requirements for both local/national and international applicants:
  • Proof of English competency, a ToEFL of 500* (released by local, national, or international testing institutions)
  • Interview
  • Proof of financial ability (a letter signed by parent)
*Note: Applicants do not meet the minimum ToEFL criteria will form a conditional offer. English course during the study is provided to improve the English skills and to meet the minimum. ToEFL score required to study abroad.


Benefits received by students include:
• Modules for all subjects
• Convenience tutorial classes
• English preparation class
• International advisor
• Company visits
• Access to national and international seminar
• Curricular activities
• Welcome party
• Cultural events
• Student medical care
• Internet voucher
• Others

Course Description 

International Undergraduate Accounting Program
4 Year Accounting Degree Plan (Bachelor of Science in Accounting)

Faculty of Economics, Accounting Department
KPMG Building, Room 1 Level 1
Darussalam – Banda Aceh, 23111
Phone +62 853 72556146
Fax +62 651 51765

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